Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Beginnings of Grad School

Yesterday was my first masters level class. Currently I am taking Adolescent Literacy, which is held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:10PM to 7:40PM. Originally, I was enrolled in another course this session, but quickly discovered I had to drop it and take it in the Fall as set out in the program guideline. Grad classes have a LOT of homework, and it would be impossible to get all the work done for TWO classes at once. So much for trying to make my Fall course load lighter.

This class is really quite interesting, and dare I say it.. fun. The professor is outgoing and humorous, and the class time seems to pass rather quickly. While the homework may be a bit daunting, I think I'd have to say that so far, I "like" this class.

While the topic of literacy seemed boring and irrelevant at first, as most of us had the same reaction: "I'm not planning on teaching reading and writing", we quickly found out there is much more to the topic than that. After only the first class, my mind is already pondering new classroom strategies and techniques for teaching the subject matter in ways that weren't possible when I was in middle school.

So far so good.

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