Thursday, December 31, 2009

Return to Normalcy

I used to always promise I would keep the Christmas decorations up until the Epiphany (Three Kings Day) which is January 6th. This marks the official end of the Christmas season according to the Church's Liturgical calendar. I have never once made it to January 6th.. in fact... I don't think I have ever left the decorations up past New Year's Day.

This year was no exception. I took down the tree and packed away the decorations tonight (or late late last night depending on the time stamp of this entry). As much as I look forward to decking the halls, I equally dread the looming tasking of un-decking them. Un-decking the halls holds none of the excitement of it's counter-part, and thus makes it much more work-like. Knowing I have this daunting task to perform, I'm eager to get the job over and done with as soon as the time presents itself.

There is a certain sense of refreshment that comes along with packing up the holiday decor. I like to steal Warren G. Harding's campaign slogan for this time of year, which I refer to as our "return to normalcy". Harding used the term to refer to a returned focus on American isolation from European affairs immediately following WWI... I use it in reference to our recovery from the Holiday hurricane which sweeps through our homes and lives. No more baking, shopping or dealing with nasty people in the stores. It's a time when we can kick back and enjoy the calm of the ordinary. I always find it quite a refreshing change of pace.

As I put the joy, excitement and headaches of this holiday season behind me... I enjoy the calm and comfort of the everyday.... the return to normalcy. New knick-knacks gifted to me on Christmas are slowly finding their ways to the shelves and tables while old things get packed away or discarded. New clothes get put in the dresser and closet as old ones get donated or thrown out. It's an interesting transition really... perfect for New Year's.... examining the old, incorporating the new, and adjusting to what change there is while clinging to the reassurance of the familiar.

One of the many nice things about living in Western New York is the change in seasons. By the time you are sick of one season, the next is on its way. The same can be said for holidays. Just when you've had enough of one holiday season, there is a little down time before you get all excited for the next to arrive. It mixes things up a bit... keeps life from getting stale.


B said...

Where are you getting Epiphany ending the season? In the old calendar it's really Candlemas Day that ends it.

I had no idea you had this blog. Last I remember you in the blogosphere, you commented on my quote in the Buffalo News' article on the motu proprio 2 1/2 years ago about how you helped train me to serve the indult! Bah humbug! I helped train you, Mr.-I-wanna-wear-the-priest--surplice-instead-of-the-plain-one-like-all-the-others!

See you at Sant'Antonio.

Bingles said...

When I was growing up... we never heard of Candlemas. So I was using the new calendar as reference.

And as far as training you... you're welcome. I see I did a good job as you are still at it. :)

Those lace surplices are so much nicer than the 100% polyester bland ones that are so common. But to each their own.

Keep in touch!