Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fiesta continued...

So I was browsing online and noticed that the discontinued color of Fiestaware that I had my heart set on was selling for WAY too much money to ever realistically get a complete set. One or two dinner plates sells for over $20. I stopped by the Bon-Ton today and fell in love with the Shamrock color.... and guess what... they were 50% off!!!!

So.. as a surprise, my Mom offered to buy me the set for my Birthday and Christmas of NEXT year... hahahaha. So, I went back to the Bon-Ton, and picked up a basic 5 piece serving set for 12 people. Ooooo yea! Opening a Bon-Ton charge saved me.. well, Mom.. an extra 10%.

So, from now on, Mom will be drawing little green dishes inside blank cards for the next few holidays as a reminder of what she bought me. :) But... when that magical day happens... I'll have dishes ready to serve meals to my guests... oh... and to myself too!

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