Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Anyone who knows me well knows I am obsessed with all things vintage. I had been debating starting to stock pile dishes for the magical day I get a full time teaching position and am able to finally move out on my own. I always dreamed of having a green and white kitchen... mint green... jadite... shades like that. I do have a few pieces of Fire King jadite tea cups and saucers but have recently fallen in love with the Fiestaware Chartreuse color (who came up with that name???) which is pretty close to the lighter shades of green that I love so much.

Of course, the color I love was retired back in the 50s, and was remade for only two years in the late 90s which makes finding pieces hard, and the pieces one can find... pricey. I found a teapot online and am seriously holding back from buying it..... with the expenses of the holidays, I can't justify the purchase.

Eventually I think I will start buying a few pieces here and there... starting with the teapot which I can actually use... then when and if I ever can move out on my own.. I will have some dishware to use when company comes to visit. :)

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