Sunday, February 1, 2009

You go Sisters!

As I have said over and over, while I am more "liberal" in my political views (ie: gay rights), I am very "traditional" when it comes to Liturgical matters. This means that I believe social teachings can change without having to water down our faith practices and traditions that make us Catholic.

I have often lamented the radical changes that have hit the religious congregations in the United States since their misinterpreting of the documents of the Second Vatican Council in the 1960's. Many (not all) congregations and individual sisters seemed to abandon their ministry as teachers and nurses, and went into obscure jobs that came under the title of "social action". Since the 60s, these congregations of women religious have engrossed themselves more in radical feminism rather than being faithful to Christ in and through His Church.

Most children have never seen a nun, and if they did, they wouldn't know it since they have ditched any type of habit. Many feel that within 20 years, "nun" will be a term regulated to history textbooks. Most congregations have dwindled to dangerously low numbers, with no new women joining, and a median age of 60. "By their fruits you will know them". Time is the ultimate test, and the results seem to be in.

Thankfully, there are groups of women religious who still follow a more traditional prayer and community life. Faithful to the Church and her teachings, they draw new YOUNG postulants from all over the country, and offer hope for the future of women religious communities, and serve as a powerful witness to this ever increasingly secular world.

One group I would like to highlight are the newly established Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church. They are based out of Spokane Washington, with a charism of teaching in schools. I have had the privilege to speak with some of these sisters via e-mail, and they are so very kind. I wish them all the best, and keep them in my prayers for their continued growth and success in their ministry.

Please pray for them, and help support them any way you can. Theirs is a powerful witness!!

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