Monday, February 16, 2009

Bad Nights

I have a history of nightmares, mostly because of the medication that I am on. The meds get the job done, but this is one side effect that can be a real annoyance. Lately, the dreams are getting very intense. I'm waking up more and more feeling confused and utterly exhausted. In other words, I'm just as tired, if not more, than when I went to bed. On my days off this isn't too bad, but when I have a day of classes and or work, it wears on me physically.

Sigh, better living through chemistry has a price.

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Michael in NZ said...

Sorry to read of the nightmares. I too am on medication that can cause dreams and some aren't always that pleasant.I've been known to call out...or so my partner tells me!Will email you soon, been really busy so haven't been that organised lately but always look at yr blog...take care Michael