Monday, March 3, 2008

"Wow" Factor

I was talking with some of the other Social Studies teachers in the department today about dating. One of them went on a date this weekend, and I wanted to see how it went. She was rather blah about the whole thing, and although she said she liked him, and they were getting together again soon, there were no fireworks. This would be what Mrs. W. calls the "Wow" factor.

Apparently, the Wow factor is that part of you that really wants to be with this person, and is what makes you keep thinking about them even when they aren't there. Something just clicks inside of your heart and mind. Curious. Does the Wow factor have to be there immediately, or is it supposed to grow over time?? The consensus from the ladies in the department is that it needs to be there from the onset.

I have met quite a few guys since the Christmas holiday. Very rarely has the Wow factor kicked in. When it does, it's usually for the guys who aren't interested in me, or after getting to know them better, I discover they aren't exactly what I am looking for. I was kind of hoping the Wow factor would develop over time, but maybe if it isn't there from the start, it never will be.

I'm always afraid of hurting someone else or leading someone on.. so I play it safe and just step aside.

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