Sunday, March 2, 2008

Damn note passers

Wednesday, I intercepted my first note as a teacher, during period 8. I knew the kids were up to something because they were more chatty than normal, and kept looking at me and then giggling. It was making me so mad.. I had no idea what was causing so much commotion, and what was so funny about me... I even checked my fly just in case. Each time I’d turn my back to the class to jot something down on the board, they would start to snicker.

Finally, I caught one of the students in the act of passing a note. I went over and told him to hand the note over. Twice he refused to let me have it. I gave him the option of giving me the note, or getting out of my class. He reluctantly handed it over. I unfolded the piece of paper to see what was so funny.. mostly because I was curious if it was about me… which it was. The note read, “Wednesday is Mr. L’s last day. Mrs. E wants to do something nice for him. Don’t let him see this note. If he tries to take it from you, tear it up and eat it!”. I must have turned three shades of red. The students who hadn’t seen the note yet suggested I read it aloud. I had no intentions of sharing the content of the note, but since I found it so funny, I did read it.

Mrs. E was out in the hallway laughing the whole time. To think, she was encouraging my students to pass notes in my class! I told the class that if they wanted to do something nice for me, to get me a bottle of Advil as they give me a headache each day. Some how, I couldn't get as aggravated with them after that moment.

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