Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good times

After a very very VERY long week, this weekend has been quite refreshing. I have some lesson plans to work on, but I'm trying to forget about school for a while and just relax a bit. Since the kids will be out all week because of Regents exams, I can focus more on making lessons during school time.

Yesterday I went over to Anne and Vince's to celebrate his (Vince's) 80th birthday. Most of their extended family was there, including their family from out of town. They are a great bunch of people, and we all had a great night together. I really enjoyed hanging out with Anne's son and daughter in law, Mike and Sue. Sue is a 4th grade teacher, so we were having fun swapping stories, and I appreciated the pep talk she gave me about the wonderful world of teaching.

Anne seems to be feeling better, and doing better.. especially now that she is getting gel injections for the knee that has been giving her trouble. She and Vince were in great spirits yesterday, and well all had a blast.. How can you not have a good time when there is wine and ice cream cake involved??

Today I am heading over to Bobby's house for dinner with him, Jason, and our buddy Dan. Again, it will be a wonderful treat to hang out with my close friends. I really feel as if I don't see anyone anymore.. nor have time to do so.. so this weekend is a great boost for me mental health. :-)

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