Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year - New Game Plan

Happy New Year to all my friends and readers out there in cyber land!!!  I hope you rang in the New Year safely and with the ones you love.

It is traditional for people to make New Year's resolutions.. promises of change and improvement that they intend to keep as the new year unfolds -- a fresh start.  Usually however, these resolutions fall by the wayside by February.

I however have a battle plan for this year to make some positive changes.  I do want to focus on eating healthier -- though I'm not doing the typical drastic dieting that many people do at the start of the year.. which causes their momentum to burn out in a week or so.  It will have to be a very gradual change with small baby steps towards an overall change in my eating habits.  My biggest obstacle (right now) is getting rid if the Christmas cookies!!!  Ugh, home-made cookies are my weakness!!

My second goal, which I have already begun working on, is my financial situation.  For those who perhaps don't know, I still live with my parents at the ripe old age of 29.  While I do have a small section of the house to myself consisting of bedroom, bathroom and small living room (plus my own entrance and patio), I crave my own freedom and address - not to mention more SPACE to call my own.

As my folks will tell you, saving money was never my strong suit.  With my new job position at work which has given me full time status, I have begun to make better financial plans for my savings.  I have gradually cut back on my spending - something else that is being accomplished in baby steps - but showing positive improvements.  I have enough money saved up for a month's rent... which seems rather insignificant to most, but is a far cry from not having a savings account at all over the past few years.

I have allotted a chunk of my pay check to be directly deposited into my savings account - the equivalent of what I plan to spend on rent per month - to build up funds.  I hope to be in the situation to move into an apartment before Christmas season 2012... but if it takes a few more months of savings past that, that works too... it's a fluid time line depending on what I can set aside and what apartments in my price range and area I'm looking to live become available.

One positive aspect of my past spending is that I have most of the essentials for when I do move out.  I have a small sofa and living room furniture - lamps - a full set of dishes - kitchen utensils and silverware - pots and pans - hell, I even have a vacuum cleaner.  It's now a matter of saving up for the rent and utilities.

It seems like a daunting challenge at times, but one I am passionate about and know I will achieve.  I look forward with great enthusiasm to achieving and sustaining this goal in particular and know it will be a positive change and step forward in my life.

I'm ready for you, 2012.. this is going to be a great year!!