Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bring flowers of the rarest - bring blossoms the fairest...

The month of May is traditionally dedicated to the Holy Mother.  When I was a kid in Catholic school, I fondly remember the May Crowning processions in which a chosen student would place a crown of flowers upon the head of the Church's statue of Mary... and other students would place flowers near the statue in her honor.  When I would come home from school, I'd make my own "May altar" which consisted of a bust of Mary that I had - which I would crown with a paper crown - and two or three carnation flowers I'd buy from the local 7-11.

Every May I think of my yearly trek to the 7-11.. which is now a used car dealership.  I would be so proud to ride my bike and purchase flowers for Mary with my own money.  Where I got the money I don't recall.. since I always did this in secret.  Some how, I can't imagine Mom giving me the okay to spend money on flowers.

It is for this reason that I think carnations have always been my favorite flower.  I love them - their very scent brings such happy memories. 

This year, as I have done since I was a kid, I went and bought Mary some carnations.  I went to Wegman's on the way home from work and picked up a small bouquet.  When I do this, I not only like to honor my heavenly mother, but I try to remember and recapture some of the simple faith I had as a child.  Too often as an adult I am obsessed with over thinking everything. 

Once while dating my first boyfriend.. we got in a big fight.  He was wrong (naturally hahaha!) and thought he could win me over with flowers (something he knew I loved but never once bought for me).  He came home one day with a single carnation.  I remember thinking, "who buys ONE carnation?".  They are the cheapest flowers at the flower shop.  While I liked the flower, it didn't get him out of hot water.

As I placed the flowers next to my statue of Mary I asked: "Since I'm giving YOU flowers, would you send me a guy who will bring ME flowers?"  We'll see what her response is.  :)