Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beatifcation of John Paul II

The Church has just beatified the late Pope John Paul II of blessed memory... taking him one step closer along the official path to sainthood.  So what do we see in the media?  Constant news reports of sex abuse scandals -- just like we saw during Holy Week.  The media is always looking to trash Catholics.. and always seems to do so during our most solemn occasions.

Whether you are Catholic or not, one cannot deny the positive impact that John Paul II had upon the world - his support of life and his tireless effort to end communism in Europe.  Though we may disagree with some things he did (show me a person you agree with 100% on all issues!), we cannot disagree on his unending devotion to Christ and His Church... his personal holiness and conviction.

Though he is not yet a saint.. he is one step closer in the tedious examination process that makes one a saint.  Part of the reason for the quickness of this process so far is that many of the people in charge of examining the life of John Paul II in the Vatican offices knew the man well and can attest first hand to his holiness.

What is a Saint anyway?  Why are saints important?  My unofficial and personal answer is that a saint is someone who is still used to do Christ's will even after their deaths.  Our Lord has always used others as vehicles to deliver His messages and graces to man kind (such as the angels in scripture) - and still makes use of individuals whom He uses as example to others of holiness and Christian charity/love.

"We love you, John Paul II!"