Sunday, September 13, 2009

Diocese of Portland Controversy

Yes... I have read about the Diocese of Portland (Maine) asking it's parishioners to donate money to help repeal the allowance of gay marriages in the state... and YES, I disagree with their stance. HOWEVER... this is what I mean about my separation of Catholic prayer and Catholic politics. No where in Mass this morning (in the missal itself) was homosexuality condemned. If any one does say something negative about it, it is from individuals.. not from the Gospels.. or from the Roman Missal.

Also... let's not forget we live in a Democracy/Republic.. not a dictatorship. Those people who disagree with gay marriage have just as much right to lobby against it as supporters do for it. Otherwise, what rights would we really have?? You can't take away some one's right to vote, lobby, and petition just because it does not coincide with your political position. Be very happy my vote/opinion is not the only one that matters!

Enough said. Hopefully.

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