Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bipolar Disorder

I have had some friends and even family members who suffer from Bipolar disorder. Like any mental disorder, it's not an easy thing to live with. Meds help, but there is still the daily struggle the person faces each day.

I personally am Bipolar II.. A less severe version. I still have the mood swings, but thankfully, not to the extreme of full blown sufferers.

In addition to the mood shifts, I have found the fixation aspect of the disorder to be extremely difficult. Did you ever hear the expression "once you get something stuck in your head, it stays there"? That would be me. Once I have a concept I'm interested in (good or bad), I HAVE to figure it out before I can really relax. This means loss of sleep, constant re-examining, and day dreaming trying to work the situation out. I can lead to being productive, but the real problem is when you can't turn it off. Talk about annoying.

The human mind is an amazing thing. No matter how we try to convince ourselves to think and feel one way, our minds tend to win in the tug of war of emotion.
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