Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to School

I started back to grad school last week. I have two classes a week, both back to back on Tuesday. Ugh.. what was I thinking??? I'm in class from 4:10-9:45 at night. Talk about tedious!

I'm taking an African American Women's Studies course to fulfill one of my history requirements, and an Adolescence Lit class for the lit/tech/special ed. requirement. I'm not impressed with the African American Women class, as the syllabus was not completed past this first week (meaning she doesn't have the whole course planned out), she decided the books last minute IN CLASS, and all the many articles we will be reading are not on course reserve, which means we have to scour the Internet for the journals which each individual article is located. Some people just make things more complicated than they need to be. Still though, the topic of the course interests me, and should be enlightening.

The Lit course is a relief.. it doesn't seem to be high stress at all. It deals mostly with Children's books for an age level below what I am/will be teaching.. though she does try to angle aspects of the course to the secondary teachers in the class. It will be a bit outside the box, which may prove to be a refreshing change.

The little angels start back to school this week in the district in which I substitute. I'm still waiting to hear from the district closer to home which I applied to sub in three weeks ago. It would be nice to walk into a classroom without wondering if the kids (usually 6th grade) will cuss me out.

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