Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life as a substitute

Last week I began substitute teaching. It can be a bit overwhelming, especially being the new kid. There was no orientation, no tour of the buildings, just a call at 6:20 in the morning telling me where to report, and what subject and grade I was teaching.

I have to say it's been an interesting experience so far, having only subbed three times. The faculty and staff have been wonderful, and more than friendly, which is a huge plus. It's awkward walking into someone else's classroom, trying to implement their plans and classwork when you don't know the students, the sources you are using, and much of the time, don't even know the subject matter. Part of being a substitute teacher is making things up on the go, and just surviving the day without total chaos erupting in your classes. So far, I've done that.

I guess the biggest obstacle for me is not having a routine. I'm very much a creature of habit, and breaking into something new was never easy for me. At Walmart, I know the ins and outs of my job well, and can fill in at a moment's notice and not bat an eye. Now, I get lost in the building I'm working in, let alone my lack of confidence in what I am doing in the classroom. I will learn the ins and outs of the school and how the kids operate, but like all things, it will take time. Until then, I will keep puttering along and praying for the best.

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