Friday, March 20, 2009

Chick Publications - Christian Hate?

Using religion as grounds to justify hate and stereotypes is nothing new. It has been the part of human history for centuries. Alas, even as the 21st century rounds out its first decade, radical fundamentalists have kept the fires burning.

Chick Publications, a supposedly "Christian" group prints small "comic book" style pamphlets for mass distribution. I have picked up numerous copies of these in retail men's rooms, of all places. Ironically enough, it's exactly where they belong, flushed down the toilet like so much other waste.

It is not my place to tell someone else what to believe in, but it hurts me to see people use God to justify the type of rhetoric used in these pamphlets. This "Christian" group attacks in direct and vicious ways, Roman Catholics, Muslims, and Gays.. to name a few. Basically, anyone who does not follow their own interpretation of Scripture is depicted as going to Hell.

These "tracks", as the publication refers to them, use stereotypes and offensive characatures to get their points across. Some how, as long as you are working for the salvation of souls, you may be as offensive, rude, judgemental, or hateful as you like.. provided you have a neat and tidy scripture passage after each slogan or illustration. I must have mistakenly been under the impression that it was wrong for us to slander others, or judge them.. leaving judgement up to God Himself.... I guess it's not in Scripture, since this "Chick" publishes every other quote they can twist except the one about "judge not lest ye be judged".

Using the Bible for this type of extremist agenda has a long and sad story. Protestant fundamentalists even used their own interpretations of the the Bible to justify slavery and segregation. Since these "ministers" and "pastors" feel they are filled with the Holy Spirit, and thus have the only correct interpretation of Scripture, then only their understanding is to be believed, and all others cast into the flames.

How sad Our Lord must be that people use His name and His message for such causes.

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