Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blackberry Bold

With my tax returns, I bought myself a new toy... a Blackberry Bold! I primarily use a cell phone for text messaging and sending pictures to family and friends.. I rarely make regular phone calls on it, preferring to use the house phone for long calls (clarity is much better). I had been wanting a phone that offered a full key board to making the texting easier. I had considered a Blackberry, and decided it was finally time.

This smart phone is AMAZING! It's like something right out of Star Trek.. remember those PADDS they had to read files and download information? How about the tricorders that seemed to be able to do anything and everything while being clipped to their belts when not in use? That would be a Blackberry.

I can text so much easier, surf the web (for an additional monthly fee added to my plan -- but well worth it!), use AIM, have all my e-mails forwarded to it, type up Word documents, and it even has a great camera... you name it. I think it could even make other cell phones explode, if I can only find the option. :)

It makes for a nice distraction during my free periods subbing. Needless to say, I'm hooked, and have no intentions to going back to a basic cell phone any time soon.

There are numerous smart phones (or PDA's) offered, depending on your provider. My brother has a touch screen Blackberry from Verizon, mine is the Bold from AT&T, which also offers the Apple IPhone. I'm not a fan of touch screens, preferring to standard keyboard, but to each their own. It amazes me to think how far we have come with technology!

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