Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I haven't posted in a while as I had been busy preparing to attend the 47th annual family reunion in Wilkes Barre Pa this weekend.

I had a great time seeing all my family again, some of whom I haven't seen in about four years. The last time I attended the reunion, my Grams was alive, and I've found it difficult to go back in her absence... it being her side of the family, held at the home she grew up in.

It took my long enough to learn all my cousins names, and during my four year hiatus, they went out a reproduced! So many babies!!! It's so funny to think of my cousins, whom it feel like yesterday I played hide and seek with, as parents. I got to meet some new spouses as well, and it's wonderful to watch the family continue to grow.

We resurrected the tradition of playing a baseball game. Instead of the New York relatives (NYC) vs the Pennsylvania relatives (anyone NOT in NYC), we did the "older" vs "younger". Each team had a name, and a uniform shirt. 35 and under were the "Pampers". We had navy blue shirts with Pampers printed on the back, and the family seal on the front. The 36 and up crowd was "Depends", wearing a similar shirt in gray... like their hair.

Initially I wasn't going to play, sucking at sports and still nursing a bad back, but did manage to go up to bat. I swung three times, first two being fowl balls, and the second being a good hit, but caught by one of the Depends. I was just thrilled I hit the damn thing!

The Pampers won the game 12 to 6. The Depends team had to buy us champagne, but they insisted on checking our id's before we could have a drink.

Yesterday I celebrated my 26th Birthday. Anne and Vince took me out for ice cream, and then I had dinner with Bobbie and Jason at Mother's restaurant. The food was GREAT!! I had such a good time spending the day with my closest friends. We ended by having a drink at one of my local hangouts. I enjoyed the day from start to finish.. despite the fact it was one step closer to the grave, as Bob would say.

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