Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This and That

Today was much less stressful than the past few days. I LOVE my Foundations of Ed. class.. we have such a great group of people in there that sometimes the discussions take right off. This professor is WONDERFUL, and shares information that isn't found in the textbook.. the stuff that will help us out in the field, and not just in theory.

Even work was a little more calm today. We are still working with just a skeleton crew, with another associate possibly taking a leave of absence to take care of her sick father. Even though I was alone all night, there weren't too many customers, and I enjoyed the quietness that brought with it.

My buddy Malcolm text messaged me while I was at work. I hadn't heard from him since he moved to Rochester in August. He was the only other openly gay guy at work, and I miss having someone to grope every now and then (that won't report me for sexual harassment). He told me today that he thought I had a hot bubble butt. Now, I'm not a butt man.. but I'm not sure how I feel having a "bubble" butt. I'm glad he thought it was hot.. but really, a bubble butt? I just don't know.

Aunt Kathy's wedding was awesome!! The two weddings I have been to at fire halls were amazing.. and I was really impressed at how elegant the hall looked for the reception this past Saturday.

I spent most of the night hanging out with the young priest who performed the ceremony. He's from the Ukraine, and only ordained for two years. He looked rather timid, and our family can be overwhelming, so I sat with him after dinner to keep him company. We had such a ball.. he was my drinking buddy. They had no real glassware, just LARGE plastic cups. I had about 5 or 6 "cups" of wine, and Father had 5 (that I counted) cups of Molson. We were trashed by the end of the night. My sister Kristy even got him out on the dance floor, and he's a damn good dancer.

I needed the excitement and laughs, and it was great to see Aunt Kathy so happy. I have often been looked at as the Aunt Kathy of my generation.. the level headed (riiiiight) one who doesn't date much. I just hope it's not true, and I don't have to wait till I'm 57 to find love.

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