Monday, October 8, 2007

I'm not above begging.

Things have become very stressful lately. Whoever said the college years were the best years of our lives deserves to be shot.

There have been a few kinks already in my field work, posing some possible big problems. I'm trying not to think about it, and deal with things as they come... though sometimes I can't help but ponder the "what if" scenarios.

My observations are proving to be tricky, and getting all 100 done by December is going to be tough. It's hardest when you're trying to plan out your week to the minute, and waiting for teachers to e-mail you back to let you know if you can observe them, and if not, try to find someone else. It ain't easy being at the bottom of the totem pole.

Financially, I've hit rock bottom. I have managed to keep 20 hours or more at work each week, which is pretty hard considering most days I go to my observations, class, then right to work (or some combination of the three). In between that, I am going to the doctors or doing massive amounts of homework... sometimes doing the homework while at work just to get everything done. While my hours have managed to stay the same, my bills have sky rocketed. Increased gas usage for traveling to school, field work, work, and doctors has soared. Textbooks cost me about $500, and the fees for state exams and other program "extras" are through the roof.

A few blogs I read have donation buttons on their sites. To my surprise, people actually donate a few dollars here and there. I decided to post one here. I have nothing to lose. At this point, my pride can get kicked right in the ass for a dollar for all I care. Money is money. If someone out there is kind enough to throw a buck or two my way.. go for it! It would be greatly appreciated. Hey, it worked for Carol Burnett. To this day she has no idea who gave her that envelope with the money in it to pay her tuition. If he's still alive, I hope he's reading my blog!!

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