Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The new home

People keep asking me if it feels strange to be living in my own home.  I guess I haven't really had time to just sit back and enjoy it -- almost every day for the past two weeks all I have done is move things to the new place, unpack and clean.  I never knew I had so much stuff!!

Today is actually my fist day of not leaving the apartment at all.  I did this on purpose.  I'm so tired of running errands and being in my car, I decided it was time for me just to enjoy being "home". 

It does feel nice to have my own place - though the full impact has still to set in.  My mind is constantly planning and doesn't rest until everything is done.. which has yet to happen with this move.  Every time I turn around I remember needing to bring something else over - or am ordering something and waiting for it to be delivered so I can set it up.  I keep telling myself I am not going to officially invite friends over to see the place until "everything is just how I want it", but that may take a while.  hahaha! They may have to settle for the unfinished product.

I am indeed very happy here.  For some reason I just HAD to be out on my own by the time I was 30.  There was no real reason for this other than I didn't like the idea of still living at home at such an...ahem.. "advanced" age.  There is a strong social stigma for men who still live with their folks.. and I wanted to break that - and be able to say I moved out in my 20s.  And I'm proud to say I made that happen.  :)

It's one thing to be the spinster of the family.. it's another to be the spinster living in his parent's "basement".