Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moving on up!

That's right... I'm moving on up! Literally!  This week I will be signing a lease on a small one bedroom apartment on the third floor of a beautiful Victorian style home here in the area.  It's actually on a street where I have imagined living since I was a kid.  To say I'm excited would be an understatement!!

As I said the apartment is small.. but it's a good size for just me - and the rent is in the ball park I was looking for.  It's also very close to home (my parent's home) so I will have easy and free access to laundry facilities. hahaha!

I have already been busy packing my things and trying to plan this move which I'm anticipating will be happening Friday.  There is so much to consider!  I'm trying to remember the layout of the place so I can try to decide what I am bringing with me and what would go where.  I'm also finding out I will need some new furniture.. but will be "making do" for now.  I shudder to think of the ugly old white (now getting kind of yellow) chest of drawers I will be using until I can find an affordable replacement.  We can't all be Donald Trump,

My sister in law stopped by today and dropped of a basket of supplies as an apartment warming present.. a laundry basket that is.  It has a lot of little things I'll need to get started, some of which I hadn't even thought of!  It really made my day!

There has already been a slight glitch in my moving plan.  I was planning on moving all the boxes (there really aren't THAT many) myself as well as some of the smaller furniture.. then having my two brothers help get the big stuff up to the third floor.  Well.. my older brother who was to be the power house in all this had to have minor surgery on his arm - leaving him unable to lift for a few weeks.  Grrr!  So... that means my younger brother and I will be doing the heavy lifting.  And for those that know me know this may be a comical sight indeed. -- I'm not too worried.. most of the furniture will be manageable.  The only thing I will really need help with is a large television cabinet -- I'm not going to even attempt to move that sucker -- that's what relatives and friends are for.  There must be one I can sucker.. I mean convince... to move it for me.  :)

I have mixed emotions about this move (which came a lot quicker than my original plan).  Naturally I'm super excited and anxious - but there is also a part of me that laments leaving the place I have called home for my whole life (ok.. since I was age 2).  It'll be funny to use another address - see the sunrise and set through different windows.  I'm also worried about finances.. money always being an issue. People keep asking me what I need for the new place.. my answer is cash or gift cards!!! haha!

Last year at this time I never would have thought this move to be possible... and although I am not moving into some huge-fancy apartment, I am very thankful to have found the place I did... and so quickly.  The future, even uncertain.. seems some what brighter than it did before.