Thursday, November 24, 2011

New contraptions

I am so up to date with technology - well, up to date if it were 1947 perhaps.  I'm one of the few people left who listens to the radio at home - not just in the car.  I actually have an old Philco 1941 console radio that I'll use to listen to music the news.  I find that I'm multi-tasking so much on the computer I don't pay attention to the television screen - in fact, I rarely turn it on these days. 

Any who... the old Philco doesn't get great reception and depending on the weather, my favorite stations come in rather fuzzy.  People have been telling me for a while to try Internet radio - digital radio stations and providers like Sirius and Pandora.  I've used Pandora on my phone to listen to when I work out, but my computer's speakers are HORRIBLE, so it's not enjoyable... I never gave much though to it.

THEN.. quite accidentally, I stumbled across a retro styled Internet radio.  It was love at first site!!  With the classic styling of the 1940s paired with modern technology and gadgets, what's not to love??? So I snatched up this little beauty and there it was waiting for me after work today.  JOY!

I'm hooked!  The stations are so clear and there are SO many to choose from.  I already have about four Big Band stations programmed into the radio.  I'm amazed at what it can do.  It's not a cheap retro knock off like the Crosley radio products... this is a solid sound system with some awesome features -- or maybe I'm just easy to impress.

I decided to stay up late tonight in the hopes I'll sleep in later tomorrow (Thursday) since I have to work the horrible 12 hour shift at work starting at 5 and continuing to "black Friday" morning.  So what have I been doing most of the night?  Drinking tea and listening to the radio!  Good God I have no life.  Maybe this is why I'm single??? Nahhh.....

Any who - after a night of tapping my toes and wishing I could jitterbug, I guess it's off to dream land for this fellow. 

Good night to all of you in radio land.. I mean... cyber space!