Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is just over a week away.  Where is the time going??

When I was in school November took forever - especially for Thanksgiving to arrive.  I used to love this time of year - the first snowfall, the anticipation for the upcoming Christmas season (stations didn't start playing Christmas music the week after Halloween!) the amazing dinner Grams would cook, enjoying a turkey coma sleep the next day and putting up the Christmas tree that weekend. That's all changed now - I have to work on Thanksgiving... an overnight 12 hour shift.  So much for that holiday... damn you adulthood!!!

I'm trying to remind myself that Thanksgiving isn't just about the dinner, it's about counting your blessings and being thankful for what you have.  That's not easy for me to do.  As time goes by, the dark cloud hovering above me seems to be growing ever larger - like my waist line.  Not getting to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with my family and friends was the final nail in the coffin.  While my family is enjoying a wonderful meal, drinks and laughs, I'll be working retail Hell so obsessed shoppers can stand in line forever and maul each other over a sale item.  *gets off soap box*

There's been a trend on Facebook to post in your status things you are thankful for.  Not a bad idea.  Since I need a real pick me up, maybe a list of blessings is indeed in order.

I am thankful for:

1. my friend Anne being in my life for another year
2. my health
3. my parents
4. my new niece, Brittany
5. new job at work (even though it's still in the realm of retail)
6. co-workers who make life at work so much better! Especially: Jen, Tracey, Mallory, Christine, Renita, Holly, Maria, Angie and Dan (to name a few!)
7. developing a closer friendship with David and Anthony who have become amazing friends - as well as participating in their wedding.  Their relationship keeps the small spark of hope alive in my heart that true love is indeed possible.
8. meeting and becoming friends with Rob and Greg - and watching them start a family together.  I can't think of better parents!
9. paying off my car! (though it is time for a new one lol)
10.  winning the lottery.

Ok, that one isn't true.  Just wanted to see if you were still paying attention.