Friday, August 27, 2010

Talk Talk Talk!

*Random topic* :)

I am no sociologist by an definition of the term.. just a casual people watcher.  It's fun to watch people interact - family, friends, strangers.. couples, individuals... all offer a glimpse into the sea of humanity.

I've been spending time with a diverse group of friends lately, as well as my usual encounters with friends at work.  It's so neat to see the varied dynamics that exist between these various social networks of mine.  Take my friend Collin for example.  He and I can gab on the phone for what sometimes turns into an hour.. when perhaps neither one of us has any particular story in mind to discuss when making the call.  For some, the conversation just flows... my maternal grandmother and I were like this as well.  The phone call would start with "how are you?"... and we'd end up chatting about nothing and everything.

With others, the conversations can be deep discussions about concerns, dreams and life stories... where moments of quiet are not awkward silences, but a time for reflection and processing.  Sometimes the physical presence of the other person is all that is needed for communication.

The next time you're out in a crowd of people, or simply hanging out with your bff... take note of the communication occurring around you.  You might be amazed at how each individual, each situation, each group has their own subtle form of communication.

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