Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting into shape

I've been attempting to workout more in hopes of slimming down a bit... I'm still trying to lose my "winter weight" from two years ago!! HAHA!

I am in love with the elliptical machine we have. It burns so many more calories than using the treadmill or just going for a walk. I try to rock out for about a half hour on the elliptical, and doing a few reps of push-ups (30 per rep) throughout the day to help out my arms. Plus, this cooler night weather has made for some nice mile long walks.. just for the hell of it.

A few of my friends have encouraged me to join a gym. That would never happen. I could use UB's gym for free since I am still a student... but why bother? I have the equipment here at the house, so why travel? Besides, if I actually had to drive somewhere to get a workout in, it just wouldn't happen. I'm much too lazy to actually drive somewhere to workout.. and who needs all those people starring at me? I've got too much jiggling going on... I don't want to be responsible for making people sick.

I keep reminding myself, I lost 125 pounds a few years ago by just eating better and walking a lot. I went from 305 pounds and a 52 waist down to 180 pounds and a 32 waist in about 2 years.. just from diet and exercise. I've gained about 40 pounds back, but I'm aiming to lose 20... that's the goal.. that's the dream. I looked sickly at 180 (or so people kept telling me)... I looked better at 200. Right now? -- I look fluffy.

My problem seems to be I don't have the energy or motivation I had back in 2004. I think part of the motivation back then was me trying to impress a guy I was head over heels for. He only liked uber-skinny guys... and yes, I proudly used the word "uber". I beat the shit out of myself to try and impress him. What a waste of time. lol -- Good life lesson learned, bad experience. Live - learn - move on.

I always have the episode from The Golden Girls in the back of my head when I go to workout.. the one where the girls join a gym to lose some extra pounds. This quote is priceless: "I just want to lose enough to fit into my summer wardrobe" - "My winter wardrobe" - "My bathrobe." The exercise instructor thinks she can make a quick buck by selling the girls all their exercise apparel... jogging suits, head bands, wrist bands... leg warmer... When Dorothy questions the need for leg warmers, the instructor asks what they are currently using to keep their thighs warm. Dorothy's response: "FRICTION, that's why we're here!" So classic.

Anyway, I guess I have procrastinated long enough... time to get my ass in gear and burn some calories. -- Then reward myself with a huge bowl of ice cream. heeheee.. just kidding... maybe.

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