Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pray for Priests Kit

Pope Benedict XVI has designated this year as "the year of the priests". After all the reported abuses by the clergy, I think it is an excellent idea to commit more of our prayer time for the intentions of priests, as well as for more HOLY vocations. The scandals of the past years have hurt not only countless lay people, but also the clergy themselves. There are many many good men in the priesthood who now suffer from the constant attacks, jokes and criticisms by the popular culture because of the errors of others. I know many priests who have been verbally assaulted in public for wearing their Roman collars, and called all sorts of names... for something they never did.

I was made aware of this "prayer kit" from another blog that I follow. It contains a reminder to us to pray for priests, as well as a simple card you can send to your local priest/pastor telling him that he is in your prayers, and that you support him. Believe me.. now more than ever, they can use the encouragement!

The kit can be purchased at: Pray for a Priest -- Naturally though, you could come up with your own card or token of affection for that special spiritual Father in your life... this is but one option.

The "priest jokes" not only are hurtful to those of us who are Catholic.. but should be hurtful to those of us who are gay. These jokes are only a stone's throw away from gay bashing, which is indeed the undertone of such jokes about the "priest and the altar boy". A reminder to my gay readers out there: People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Discrimination, hate and cruelty should never be accepted... even if it's against a group with whom you do not agree.

*steps down from soap box*

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