Saturday, August 22, 2009

Catching Up

Wednesday I had some friends over for "game night". Joe and Rich both went through "teacher boot camp" with me last year. We had a few classes together, and became friends. Rich, his girlfriend Jamie and I have been going to Joe's apartment about once a week to watch a movie and hang out. I wanted to have them over here for a change. It's always nice to have visitors, and my small living room holds only up to four comfortably. It was a snug but quaint visit.

We played an old game called "party lines", and our own version of "win lose or draw" using dry erase boards. Wine, wine coolers and some beer made for some fun moments while playing. It was nice to have people over again, and have some sense of having an independent life of my own... even though I still live with my folks, and have yet to get a permanent teaching position.

Joe is one of the few from our group that has been successful at getting a teaching job in the area, though I do know of one guy who managed to get a Social Studies position at his old high school here in Western New York. I've only been certified for a full year now, but it seems as if I've been searching for a permanent position for ever. I know I have to be patient, but with the prospects that are out there, each passing day makes the concept of having to move away all the more real.... and all the more frightening.

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