Friday, January 9, 2009

Insomniacs of the world.. Good night!

For years now, I have had a hard time sleeping. As of late, it has become an even greater problem.

The past few nights, I haven't gone to bed earlier than 2:30am. Even then, I lie in bed, tossing and turning. Part of the problem has always been my over active mind, replaying events of the day, or fixating on some minute fact that most people would not think twice about. Sometimes, it gets so intense, I find myself going back to the Internet to seek an answer to some mundane question before I can even consider falling asleep.

The odd thing is, once I have fallen asleep, I have no desire to get out of bed. I could literally stay in bed most, if not all, day. It is quite an unusual cycle.

It's almost 2am now, and I am not the least bit tired. I decided to do some blogging to help clear my mind and put my thoughts into print. Right now I'm thinking about when I am going to the local school district to get the application to substitute teach, and what type of experience that type of work will be. Sometimes even the small steps into a new frontier or chapter in life can be intimidating.

I have grown to love the smell of the beeswax pillars which burn in the candle holders Uncle Vinny gave me for Christmas (picture on the right). The subtle scent does relax me a bit, and has become part of my night world which is when I seem to be the most productive. I wish these damn candles didn't cost so much. Once these two are gone, I'm switching back to the cheap paraffin pillars. Yes, I'm a cheap bastard.

Ok.. back to channel surfing.

Carpe noctem! Seize the night!

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