Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hats making a come-back..

As I watched with great excitement at yesterday's inauguration ceremony, I was happily surprised to see how many men were wearing hats. All one had to do was scan the crowd of people, celebs and average Joe's alike to see that fedoras are gradually making their way back into American wardrobes.

It was a pleasant site to see, and it's always encouraging to have hope that maybe we as a people are once again start caring how we look when we step outdoors.
Former VP Cheney

Muhammad Alli
Sen. Arlin Specter

Sen. Kennedy

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joedahat said...

Yes, Hat wearing is no longer for the Indiana Jones wannabe's. We've seen the resurgence of people (men & women) wearing every type of hat imaginable. From the Stingy brim to the J-Lo Diva style wide brim flop hat. With today's styles and price ranges, just about everyone can now afford a hat. $40.00 can get you a very smart looking wool dress hat. $30.00 will get you a plaid fabric sport hat. As you stated, "it was a pleasant sight to see", as I work as a hat retailer. Hopefully, this is just the start of the hat comeback.

Joe Renkiewicz
Henry The Hatter