Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Middle School

As part of a group project I am working on in one of my grad classes, I had to do some observations in a middle or high school. One of my group members is an 8th grade social studies teacher here in a local Buffalo suburb. I met up with her today and observed some of her classes, and even got to work a bit with her students.

It felt so good to be back in a school again. I hadn't done any observations or student teaching in a middle school, only in high school. Having enjoyed working with freshmen, I had a hunch I would enjoy middle school. I LOVED it in Jennifer's class. The kids do pose their own unique challenge at that age, but it is one I feel more adapt to work with than juniors or seniors.

As I sat in the teacher's chair while my friend Jen was teaching, I kept brainstorming what I could do with children of this age group (11-12), and how I would explain the concepts to them in my own style. My mind was spinning with ideas, activities and jokes to use in class to keep the flow going.

I could definitely see myself teaching in middle school, and depending on the staff and administration I have to work with... loving every minute of it.

I want a job!!

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