Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who is to blame?

What really irks me about the newspapers and news reports in regards to the atrocious sex abuse scandals, is that they expect a man thousands of miles away to be the only source of protection. Take the case in Milwaukee with that monster in priest's clothing. "Everyone" is slamming Benedict because, as cardinal, he didn't laicize (we would use the term "de-frock") the priest. The then Cardinal Ratzinger did not get directly involved in the case until the mid to late's 90s, and was presented with an elderly and dying priest who had allegations against him almost 20 years earlier.

Ratzinger made the decision for good or bad, right or wrong.. to allow the man to die with his priesthood... all four months he had left after Ratzinger made that decision. Ratzinger didn't allow him to remain a priest all those 20 years, he allowed him 4 months to his death... and let me assure you, whether Ratzinger can be called merciful or foolish for that decision.. the man had to face a much higher court than any one here on Earth.

But what keeps bugging me about this case and so many others is this question "Where the hell are the civil authorities in all this?" The police don't need approval from the Vatican to throw a sex offender in jail.. or to bring him to trial. And yet, with the monster in Milwaukee, the police department dropped the charges because they couldn't find enough evidence. Really?!? 200 reported cases, and there wasn't enough evidence?!? But yea.. the Pope dropped the ball on this one.

That's like telling me, if you or your child is raped by an employee of Toyota.. you are going to write a letter to the corporate office in Japan and wait for them to act. I should hope not!! You'd be beating down the door at your local police station demanding an arrest.

Throw the bastards in jail and let them rot.... whether they Vatican strips them of their clerical status or not, let the courts and justice system do their jobs.

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