Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good Read

For those of you who think "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is a good policy, or think "sexuality isn't part of the military, it's about the group, not the individual", I have a book for you to read. Ask and Tell: Gay and Lesbian Veterans Speak Out by Steve Estes. It chronicles the achievements of gay and lesbian veterans during their time in the military from WWII to present day service in Iraq.

So many, including many gays, are content with this idea of staying in the military closet.. after all, you were there to serve your country, not to have "relations". This book explores just how profoundly the military's homophobia has impacted countless men and women who have loyally served, and yet have been dishonorably discharged or harassed because of their sexual orientation. If the military was not the place for discussing sexuality, then hold EVERYONE accountable, not just homosexuals. All men and women, heterosexual included, should be banned from discussing any sort of relationship and or sexual activity. Imagine if heterosexuals were not allowed to discuss their families, spouses, or even have them live in military housing. There would be protesting in the streets, but for some reason.. we accept it as a fair compromise for gays and lesbians since the military is not about "sexuality".

This country has a long way to go before it finally grows up.

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