Sunday, April 26, 2009

In Memoriam

Yesterday, April 25, 2009 - actress Bea Arthur died of complications from cancer at the age of 86. She was best known for her role as ultra-feminist Maude on the series by the same name, as well as her role as the sarcastic-divorce-substitute teacher Dorothy on the hit 80's sitcom, The Golden Girls. Arthur also won a Tony for her role as Vera Charles on the Broadway musical, Mame in 1966.

While growing up in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I was obsessed with the show The Golden Girls, and especially the character of Dorothy plated by Bea Arthur. She was a strong individual who was a great friend to the others, and faithful daughter to her often difficult to deal with mother. For some reason, I idolized the strength of character she portrayed as well as her dry whit, her intelligence, and related to the insecurities she sometimes hid beneath her strong stature.

I honestly do feel a sense of loss at her passing, as I did with the late Estelle Getty who played Sophia on The Golden Girls. That series and those characters have been so much a part of my life, showing me various aspects of human nature and relationships, as well as being a source of familiar comfort and laughter when I needed it most. Though I never met the gals from Miami, in my own imagination, they were my friends.

I have often joked that I have become the Dorothy of my group of friends. Tall, sarcastic, the advice giver, substitute teacher... who just can't seem to get a date! I often find myself asking "What would Dorothy do?"

"While very much saddened by this news, I find comfort in the thought that Getty is now with open arms and a "Come here, pussycat," welcoming her TV daughter into the great lanai in the sky." (taken from the editorial)

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iamthewalrus said...

"God will get you for that, Bingles". yet another classic Bea Arthur catch phrase