Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What a day!

I went to visit Anne yesterday evening, and ended up staying until 1am (not unusual for us). She had fallen recently, and hurt her knee pretty bad, and I have been trying to spend some time with her. Her husband and son were just putting up the Christmas tree, and were patting themselves on the back for finally figuring out how to connect all the lights on the new pre-lit model they bought last year during an after Christmas sale. To help out, I went downstairs, grabbed the ornament boxes and trimmed the tree for them. I figured she could use a boost of holiday cheer.

Because it's hard for Anne to walk, and she uses a cane (and I like spending time with her).. I offered to take her Christmas shopping, which we ended up doing today. Before I went to get her, I decided to stop for gas. While I was paying, I figured I'd throw away two bucks and get a win for life lotto. No, I didn't win the grand prize, but I did win $15. I was satisfied.

While we were shopping, I picked up a gift my mother had asked for from Sears. I opened a charge account there, and ended up getting the item for free. Again, cha-ching. Every little bit helps.

The best news came tonight when I checked the status on my grades online. My psych grade was posted.... a B+!!!! That means it counts. I am SO relieved!! Now I can go to the College Store tomorrow, and sell my books back!! :-)

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